Lava Beds National Monument & Tule Lake

Earlier this month I took a day trip to the Tule Lake area of Northern California with one of my friends! Our trip was pretty sporadic and we didn’t leave early enough in the day to have tons of time, but we went to Lava Beds National Monument and Tule Lake Wildlife Refuge!

We had a lot of fun exploring and taking photos! I’ve wanted to come here since I learned about the Modoc war in one of my classes last year, as this is the site of those events. It’s a really important area in terms of regional history so I’m glad I finally got to come.

This was also my first time shooting in RAW. In my photography class we are encouraged to shoot in raw so I wanted to try it out. I actually shot in raw+jpeg which meant I ended up with two copies of each photo which takes up a ton of extra space, so now that I understand how raw works I should probably just switch to raw. Anyway, I’m happy with how these turned out and had fun messing around with Lightroom figuring out how everything works.

lavabeds5 copy.JPGLava Beds National Monument! I always get so excited when I see the NPS logo haha. And we picked the perfect time to come because it was National Parks Week and admission was free!

lavabeds2.JPGlavabeds1.JPGlavabeds5Views from the visitor center area



lavabeds7Trail to Captain Jack’s Stronghold.

lavabeds12I did what I could to salvage this photo haha, the sun was in the exact wrong place for this. Anyway, the view was beautiful!


On the way back we stopped at Tule Lake, which we had passed on the way to the Lava Beds. It was so beautiful here!!!

lavabeds19lavabeds18lavabeds20lavabeds21lavabeds22lavabeds23lavabeds24The building was out on the water a little ways so that you could get up close to the birds and wildlife without bothering them. It was so incredibly pretty here and I definitely want to go back sometime when I have more time to spend!

And that was our day trip! I’m glad I finally got these pictures edited. I am thinking about getting Lightroom but for now as I’m getting the hang of it I am just editing on school computers. Not as convenient, but just fine for now.

Have a good week! Thanks for reading!


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