Experimenting with Manual Mode

Hello, friends! Long time no post. It’s been a busy term with not-so-great weather so I haven’t been taking many photos. Today, however, the weather is great and my afternoon class was canceled so it was a perfect opportunity to get outside and take photos!

This ended up being my first real experience using manual and actually understanding what I was doing. I had made a few previous attempts the past few weeks, but never really got comfortable with it, so today I was determined to figure it out. I refreshed myself on the basics online and then went for a walk to take some photos.

Of course, I got outside and was completely stumped again and ended up sitting on a bench for a half hour troubleshooting. This ended up being great though because slowly I started to figure out what I was doing wrong and my memory of the different camera functions started to come back to me. After half an hour of taking over-exposed photos I finally figured it all out and got this:


And took some pictures of my feet for good measure


I really love photos with a shallow depth of field so I took a lotΒ of closeups of leaves and plants and such.










img_0563I really like how this one turned out!




Went a little overboard with depth of field but still looks kinda cool.



I’m really happy with how these last three turned out! as you can see toward the end I started to figure out a better balance between what I was focusing in on and the background haha.

That’s it for now! I’m really happy with how some of these turned out considering I was figuring it all out on the go. Seeing how these turned out, I already want to go back out and try some new things. Next time I’ll try to rope some friends into coming with me so that I can get pictures of people too!

Thanks for reading! Have a good week!



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