New Year!

Hi friends! A little introduction about myself and why I am starting this blog. My name is Cleo, I just turned 25 a few days ago, and I am in my final year of undergrad studying Communication Studies with a minor in Digital Media.

Recently, I took the plunge on something I have been thinking of doing for years and bought myself a DSLR camera. I have always been interested in photography and it was one of my biggest hobbies when I was a kid. I always had film cameras and when I got older had digital point and shoots. In my first year of college I took a darkroom photography class and really enjoyed it, and made many attempts at Photo 365 challenges over the years, but have slowly but surely been pursuing my old hobby less and less especially as taking photos on my phone became easier and easier and I felt I didn’t have the equipment to pursue photography seriously.

Fastforward to now and I finally bought myself a camera! The camera I purchased is a refurbished Canon Rebel T5i that I bought when Canon was running holiday sales. I also got two lenses with it: the kit lens (18-55mm IS STM lens) and a telephoto zoom lens (55-250mm f/4-5.6)


Going back to the purpose of this blog, one of my resolutions this new year is to get back into photography and become proficient at using my camera! I will be using this blog to post photos and document my experience. Oh, and I named my camera Zsa Zsa 😛

Stay tuned for photos I took on my new years/birthday trip to Orlando! Thank you for reading!

Cleo & Zsa Zsa


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